HyGear GEAR 1


HyGear Gear 1

Introducing HyGear Gear 1workout app and smart resistant band suite that tracks all your fitness statistics. Smart sensors integrated within the resistance bands deliver workout data to your device through the Hyfit app. So you can track your progress in real time and gain valuable insights into your workouts. See how many reps you’ve completed and how many calories you’ve burned. And know for certain how much weight you’re lifting, unlike with regular resistance bands that don’t tell you.

The HyGear app also gives you access to over 80 exercises and expert-let workouts, including cardio, HIIT, core, strength training, and more. Exercise resistance bands are as effective in building strength as free weights, making Gear 1 a great choice for both beginners and experienced trainers. It offers a complete workout for your whole body and is lightweight and portable. So you can take it with you anywhere and never miss a workout.

The first home-fitness solution to offer gym standards results and guidance, with minimal space requirements, providing users with personalised recommendations.

HyGear Gear 1 features:

  • SMART Technology – sensor augmented equipment
  • VERSATILE – for aerobics to prenatal mat-work, something for every mood and need
  • PORTABLE – light weight, space-efficient
  • AFFORDABLE – all-in-one home gym
  • PROGRAMMING – 1 year subscription to the GEAR1 APP

Whats included in the HyGear Gear 1:

  • SMART resistance Bands x 2 (13 lbs to 44 lbs)
  • Wrist straps x 2
  • Ankle straps x 2
  • Wall anchor x 1
  • Door anchor x 1
  • Ergonomic handles x 2
  • Carry bag x 1

HyGear Gear 1