ProBar Mobility Kit


ProBar Mobility

ProBar is the only professional grade mobility system with a patented twist and pull to intuitively correct the way you move by developing resisted and loaded mobility.

The ProBar dials into your muscles for a more active and injury-free lifestyle and corrects poor movement patterns and dysfunction that often lead to pain and injury. ProBar Mobility was developed to reverse your compromised ability to move freely caused by injuries and the modern lifestyle.

Prevent injuries by developing shoulders with a full-range and pain-free motion. Make automatic corrections using resisted mobility, loaded mobility and swings.

Product Features:

  • Durable, solid metal construction
  • Adjustable into three modalities for training
  • Additional 1.1 lbs. (500g) weights for added resistance and challenge
  • Self-locking mechanism for extra safety

Product Components:

  • Half Bars (2 pieces)
  • Ball Ends (weighted)
  • Ball-handle
  • Addtional weights


  • 3.7 kg (8.11 lbs)

ProBar Mobility – Why Use ProBar?