Cork Yoga Mat


Cork Yoga Mat

Our natural cork yoga mat is made with 100% sustainable materials. It is smooth, non-slip and easy to carry.

Cork is an amazing sustainable resource and we believe is the perfect yoga companion. It’s natural antimicrobial properties resist mould and sweaty smells and is beautifully smooth yet surprisingly grippy.

Our yoga mat is made with only sustainable organic cork and backed with natural tree rubber, unlike many conventional yoga products which use synthetic materials and are too often packed with harmful plastics including PVC and TPE.

The mat is suitable for all styles of yoga and it is also recommended for meditation, picnic or even camping. Complimentary eco-friendly carry strap made from natural jute. The perfect way to carry your cork yoga mat and also be used during yoga practice

Things to think about: 100% Biodegradable, 100% Eco-friendly, 100% Plant-based

Size: 178cm x 61cm x 3mm

Weight: 2.2kg