Sanctband Loop Band


Sanctband Loop Band

Sanctband Loop Bands are made from natural rubber latex material. It is a continuous Loop Band that has a width of 2 inches and length of 13 inches. Sanctband Loop Bands are formulated to allow linear increases in resistance as the bands are stretched.

The Sanctband Loop Band is the smallest and most portable piece of equipment. It has a smaller range of movement and can easily be used handheld or looped around the feet, ankles or knees. It can be used to target smaller, isolated muscles groups in a more clinical setting or add intensity and variety to existing exercises that are already challenging for metabolic conditioning.

Sanctband Loop Bands are used for a variety of applications and is ideal for lower body exercises, designed to increase balance, strength and flexibility. It is widely used in sports performance enhancement training, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and in Yoga and Pilates. With the LOW POWDER and REDUCED PROTEIN features, Sanctband Hand  Loop Bands are formulated to reduce the sensitivity to latex protein allergy experienced by some people.

Product Features: 

  • Loop Band 13”
  • Instructional manual


  • Pink – light (0.5 mm thickness)
  • Amber – medium (0.7 mm thickness)
  • Purple – heavy (0.90 mm thickness)
  • Teal – extra heavy (1.50 mm thickness)
  • Violet – super heavy (2.00 mm thickness)
  • Gray – extreme heavy (2.5 mm thickness)