Balanced Body Allegro 2 Platform Extender


Balanced Body Allegro 2 Platform Extender

Double the width of the built-in platform with the new Allegro® 2 Platform Extender. You gain many new exercise options—so much more than just standing work—plus a more functional and comfortable surface for anyone with larger feet. The Platform Extender is made with warm maple and non-skid surface, to beautifully match your Allegro 2 Reformer.


  • Creates a large surface for the entire foot, during exercises like bridging or front splits.
  • Provides full support for forearms or when kneeling.
  • Enables use of both platform and jumpboard at the same time, as in seated exercises that use the jumpboard for back support.
  • Allows standing work to begin from a narrower position, for increased overall range of motion.
  • Standing work in external rotation is comfortable and fully supported.
  • Custom-designed cushion (included) covers the entire extended platform and elevates the surface to match the height of the Reformer carriage.