TheraFace PRO


TheraFace Pro

A relaxing facial massage meets the facial treatments you love, all in one device. Reduce tension and relax facial muscles with the technology behind Theragun percussive therapy, now designed for the face. This multi-tasking device doesn’t stop there — from skin-toning microcurrent to rejuvenating light therapy, you can combine and customize more facial health treatments than any other device.

Product Benefits:

  • Percussive Therapy Attachments
    Relieves tension in face, jaw, neck, and head. Reduces minor facial muscle pain. Gentle 3 mm of amplitude.
  • Microcurrent Ring
    Firms and tightens skin. Improves muscle tone in face/neck. Gentle stimulation helps firm and plump for youthful glow.
  • LED Light Ring: Red Light Therapy
    Helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes.
  • LED Light Ring: Blue Light Therapy
    Helps reduce mild to moderate acne.
  • LED Light Ring: Red+Infrared Light Therapy
    Helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes. Warming temporarily reduces pain.
  • Cleansing Ring
    Removes build up of dirt, oil, debris. Percussive-based cleansing enhances removal of pore-blocking debris and dead skin.

What’s Included:

  • TheraFace PRO device
  • 3 percussive attachments (Cone, Micro-Point, Flat)
  • Microcurrent Ring
  • LED Light Therapy Ring (Red, Blue, & Infrared Light)
  • Cleansing Ring
  • TheraOne Conductive Gel (1.7 oz)
  • Soft Carrying Bag
  • Stand
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable

Product Specification:

  • Clearance:  FDA-Cleared Type II Medical Device
  • Battery Life: 120 minutes
  • Warranty: TheraFace PRO Device: 1-year limited warranty
  • Warranty: All Rings and Attachments: 90-day limited warranty
  • Percussive Attachments: 3 mm amplitude, 3 speeds (1750, 2100, 2400 PPMs)