Harbinger Tricep Rope 36″


Harbinger Tricep Rope 36″

Made of heavy-duty coated nylon material, the Harbinger® Tricep Rope 36″ features a 1 1/4″ diameter and 36″ length rope and a ball-grip design that offers ultimate durability, allows train harder for longer for triceps, biceps and shoulders. Heavy duty aluminium receiver can be attached to any universal cables.

Train your triceps, biceps and shoulders with the Harbinger® Tricep Rope 36″ that is designed to attach to any universal cables. Constructed with a durable 1 ¼” diameter and a 36″ length rope and custom engineered over-moulded grips offer increased surface area and ensure max pull leverage.


  • Heavy duty coated 1 ¼” diameter nylon rope
  • 36″ length rope made of premium weave nylon for full range of motion
  • Ball-grip design for increased surface area and max pull leverage
  • Heavy duty precision die cast metal receiver attaches to all universal cables.

Black and Red

Size: One size

Suitable and ideal for:

  • Power Lifting, Gym & Training, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Crossfit