Harbinger Big Grip Bar Grips


Harbinger Big Grip Bar Grips

Failing grip strength is an athlete’s indication of fatigue when training.  Harbinger’s Big Grip Bar Grips  help you build muscular endurance in a way that will improve functional grip strength.

Big Grips Bar Grips convert barbells, pull-up bars and cable attachments into “thick bars”.  Thick bar training activates more muscles when lifting, building bigger, stronger arms and upper body faster.  Weightlifters, Powerlifters and Strongmen have used thick bar training for decades because it produces noticeable results in less time than standard training.

Made from a proprietary high-density compound, Harbinger Big Grip Bar Grips attach to the bar like a clamp and maintain their shape –even when lifting extreme loads.  Big Grip Bar Grips are also easy to clean and transport so you can use at home and at the gym, and everywhere you lift.

Product Features: 

  • Convert bars and handles into thick bars to activate more muscles when lifting
  • Thick bar training challenges and builds grip strength
  • Adds 1 1/4″ to standard and Olympic bar diameter
  • 5″ length bar grips

Colour: Red

Size: One size

How to use the Harbinger Big Bar Grips with John Cortese