TRX Rocker


TRX Rocker

ROCK. DON’T ROLL. Setting a new standard in foam rolling, the TRX Rocker® is the only tool that promotes rocking, a highly effective technique for achieving hyper-focused muscle release, increased blood flow and circulation, and overall relaxation and recovery.

Its unique shape comprises three intensity pressure zones, ranging from low to high, depending on which side and angle you choose to roll with. The design is ingenious because it acts as many different myofascial release tools while still being a traditional foam roller.

Product Features:

  • 3 levels of intensity – deigned to give you a full progression of myofascial release
  • Low Intensity Zone – provides gentle muscle release for sensitive areas and overall relaxation.
  • Medium Intensity Zone – higher density + ridges promote a deeper level of release.
  • High Intensity Zone – provides a surface for intense release, designed specially to get into hard-to-reach or target areas.
  • Supports up to 350 lbs /158 kg
  • Anti-slip surface

Sizes: 33 cm (13″) or 66 cm (26″)

Colour: Black