Harbinger Multi-Gym Pro


Harbinger Multi-Gym Pro

Portable and versatile, the Harbinger® Multi-Gym Pro features 4 grip positions to perform normal, close, wide and hammer grip pull-ups and can be used for sit-ups, push-ups and dips. Featuring padded handles and a 300 lb. weight capacity, the Multi-Gym Pro targets arms, chest, core and back muscles with workouts that ensure maximum muscle engagement.

The Harbinger® Multi-Gym Pro’s patented door frame guard and two-way adjustable design allows you to perform pullups in a variety of grips at home in almost any door frame. Functionality is key with this tool as it can be used on the floor for sit-ups, push ups and dips. Its padded handles ensure comfort in a variety of hand positions and grips.

Product Features:

  • Patented door frame guard and two-way adjustable design; fits door frames up to 33″ wide and up to 6″ deep
  • Wide grip handles for 4 grip options to perform normal, wide, close and hammer grip pullups; padded handles ensure comfort for sit-ups, pushups and dips
  • 300lb weight capacity allows for use with a weight vest
  • Assembled dimensions: 15″ x 38″ x 14″ ; weight: 6.2 pounds

Suitable for:

  • Push ups, bodyweight exercises, muscle conditioning

Size: One size